Access Token

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What Is Access Token?

Access Token is a complicated code obtained from a licensing Facebook Application. This code works for a limited access to facebook and have active period can expire at any time. Example access token : EAAC2lsALPUwBAJg5YcVoj8rHVVJORio5QZAZAXMYBGxzGa

Font color red is access token

How To Get Access Token

You do this by clicking on certain links that are not fixed or fluctuating. PubiwayLiker always providing the latest link for users that do not have to bother looking.

Here are the steps to get the access token :

1. Allow Facebook Application

2. Look URL at address bar in your browser.

3. Copy access token as already described above.

However, to use PubiwayLiker, you just copy (copy) all the URL in the address bar called URL Code Token.

Access Token Expired, what does it mean?

Can not be used anymore. The reason is the token access period has ended or that the user change the password to the facebook account.