Terms Of Service.

PubiwayLiker is website provider Autolike Facebook service. Founded since 2012 and already using by thousand facebook user from Indonesian and other country.

Rules for All Members PubiwayLiker.com

1.You must agree with all rules in PubiwayLiker. You must read this.

2.This service is exchange user facebook like, so you get likes from other user and you give likes to other member too. It's automatically.

3.You must not use PubiwayLiker for posts like : pornography, trickery, and unlawful.

4.Prohibited from using bots or the like to enter and use the services PubiwayLiker.

5.Limit Submit /day is 10. So if you submit more than 10/day you will blocked.

6.Do not sell existing services traded on PubiwayLiker.

7.All user activity is unlawful is the user's responsibility.

8.Any damage facebook account is the user's responsibility.

Admin rights

1.Saving Access Token users.

2.Using Access Token users as written in the licensing application Nokia, HTC Sense, BB, and Instagram.

3.Block users for violating the rules PubiwayLiker.

4.Changing the rules at any time without prior notice PubiwayLiker.

Admin responsibility

1.Protecting user access token secure.

This TOS was last updated on: Sunday, 5th March 2017. We always update or make changes to our TOS, such changes will be posted here.