How To Use PubiwayLiker?

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If you is the first time to use AUTOLIKE, you must change some setting in your account.

Setting Akun

Nb: This setting is only done once.

1..Enable your followers Feature. Click here to activate. You can watching Video

Note : If the setting of a Public Post is not yet available, change your date of birth to at least 18 years

2.Ensure Your Privacy Post In Public

If you have finished setting your account, try this steps.

Using PubiwayLiker

1. Cick link to get URL Code(URL which containing Access_Token).

2. Click URL CODE button

3. Allow the facebook app, click OK button

4. You will be redirected to the error page , just ignore it, copy all URLs in the address bar. (This is called URL Code )

Note : On certain browsers this error page does not appear (URL Code is not visible in the address bar), so we recommend:
If you using PC, use browser Mozilla Firefox
If you using phone browser, we recommend using :
  • Operamini Browser (Turn Off your data savings)
  • UC Mini Browser (Turn Off your speed mode)
If you using android, kami recommend to using PubiwayLiker Android Version (More easy, without copy-paste again), download the application here
You can use our service : Autolike v2 in

5. Paste it into the column on the main page, click LOGIN button

6. Click CONTINUE button

7. Complete the captcha challenge and click LOGIN AUTOLIKE button

8. This is the approval page of the site rule (TOS), if you agree with that click Agree and Use PubiwayLiker button.

Just to remind, the hardest rule of sanctions is the rules about submit limit per day.
You can only max out 10x submit per day. And the time benchmark is time server (GMT 0)

So the term tomorrow is not following your time, but server time

If it breaks, your account will be permanently blocked from PubiwayLiker


9. After login, you will see home page that contain our profile and list of menu

Your Profile contain about information our account, total submit today, total submit all time when using PubiwayLiker, and Server Time

Next, choose which autolike menu you want to use.

  • Default : likes random from world wide user
  • Special Indo : Like 100% from Indonesian user
  • Special Thai: Like from user Thailand
  • Special Bangladesh : Like from user Bangladesh
  • Special Female : Like from female user only

10.After selecting, you will go to its autolike page

There are sub menus like: Status, Photo, Album, Page, Custom

There is also a Submit Ready Marker, which means you can submit

When the marker is still doing the countdown (1x submit given 14 minutes), you can not submit.

After show Next Submit : Ready, you can do next submit.

First choose which status to add the likes

11. Choose the number of likes to be sent

12. Click Submit button

Done, notif a successful request will be displayed

Additional :

  • Pause time submit to next submit: 14 minutes
  • Submit limit per day: 10x, benchmark time tomorrow is time server
  • If like does not increase, it means that your account settings are wrong as if you have not enabled your followers to public or private privacy

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